Now more than ever, there are women setting examples of how maturity does not mean a loss of beauty or womanhood.

Helen Miren, Meryl Streep, Julie Andrews, and Geena Davis have exemplified how a woman can grow older and wiser, and even more beautiful.

Proper skincare, health maintenance, and proper cosmetic application. Nourishing and protecting the skin with proper nutrition and a thorough skincare routine and cleansing method are the best ways to build a healthy body and glowing skin from the inside out.

Proper makeup application can help to further enhance your appearance and confidence as a mature woman. A light textured foundation can even out skin tone, but it should always be applied sparingly since an excess of product an collect in fine lines and pores, accentuating imperfections. Naturally enhancing thinning lashes with a mascara that is specifically formulated to thicken lashes can brighten the eye area considerably, and add definition to the eyes. To finish framing the face, brown maintenance is essential. Using a light shadow and an angled brush to enhance the brows without drawing any harsh lines frames the whole face, and can even mirror the shape of the cheekbones, making the face look more symmetrical. Most importantly, though, wear a lipstick that makes you feel like you own the world, wear shoes that let you walk tall, eat food that makes you feel great.

Have the confidence to embrace your mature beauty and own it.

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