Strobing Makeup Kits
Strobing Makeup Kits

What is it?

Strobing is highlighting the face with light reflecting products .

How is it different than contouring?

Contouring uses darker shades for impact and lighter shades for highlight. Strobing only uses light to enhance your face.

So, is it shimmery?

No, strobing does not use sparkly shimmer but rather a more natural, light glowing effect.  It is meant to give your skin a healthy and vibrant look.

Should I use strobing creams or powders?

This depends on how you prefer to use makeup and your skin and foundation type.  For people that use powder foundations, translucent powder, etc. or those who prefer a faster application; our powder kits are best.

People that prefer a moister finish that blends on top or under foundations, and who enjoy taking time for makeup application will love the cream blends.

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