Personal MakeUp

Perfecting Your Gorgeous At Any Age.

Sexy is looking great any time

Our personal makeup services are designed to help every person look radiant and pristinely put together for every day wear or special events.

We will concentrate on developing a practical skin care routine to address your concerns and create a custom makeup application session where we will match your skin tone to the perfect foundation shade, we will identify the right corrector and concealer, show you how contouring and highlighting can maximize the beauty of your features, and makeup your eyes so that they show as well rested, vibrant, and beautiful.

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Not All Makeup Applications Are The Same

Cosmetic counters and such

The goal is YOU looking radiant. Not selling you makeup.

Our Professional Makeup Artists & Aestheticians do not have sales goals or quotas. They get paid to do what they love: skin care and makeup applications and they are school certified-not just taught by a particular line of cosmetics.

While we do carry a professional line of cosmetics and skin care both selected because of their ability to do their jobs supremely well, both are manufactured in the USA (which is important to us both in the standard of quality, and in that we support our homeland’s economy), our primary services are about application and artistry and not product focused. We will not push product on our clients.

We want to take the time to work with you so that we understand how we can create a look that you can learn to do on your own.


What Types Of Clients Use Our Services?

If you look great you feel better
  • People who want a skin care routine that is simple, made of the best natural products without toxic ingredients.
  • People who have drawers full of makeup that doesn’t work, wears out within hours, and looks washed out and run off.
  • People that can’t find a good shade of foundation or can’t get rid of their black under eye shades.
  • People suffering from an illness that has changed how make up looks once applied.
  • People who want a change of look and style.
  • People who want to learn how to apply makeup the correct and professional way.
  • People who have a special event such as a gala, photo shoot, wedding, school reunion, or who is recovering from heart break and want to be radiant.
  • Moms who want to learn to maintain their gorgeous and sexy look within their busy schedules.