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Everything you need to know.

Here you will find all the information that you need to plan for and budget for your wedding day makeup. If you have any questions, or special requests please email us and we will respond promptly.


What areas do we service?

We serve several areas in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.  Schedule your trial here now.

Appointments and services for bridal makeup can be held at our Frederick, MD studio, in your home, or on-location for the wedding day. Generally, our rates include travel up to 20 miles each way from our studio and we charge a small travel fee when we go further.

Additional travel expenses for on-location services include parking, tolls, and miles over the 20 which are included.

Time Frames

Earlier is stress free.

Ideally, you should firm up your reservation up to six to 12 months in advanced. There are seasons that book faster and want to make sure that we pair you and your wedding party with the right Makeup Artist.

Unless that you are one of our regular clients, we will want to schedule your bridal trial makeup application as soon as possible to reserve your team; particularly if you are having a large wedding party that requires multiple makeup artists.

Initial Consultation

Can you meet with us for an initial bridal makeup consultation and to meet our wedding makeup artist?

Yes, we encourage you to set up an appointment for an initial makeup and/or hair styling with us. At this time, we will discuss the process, gather and address all the information regarding your wedding set up, discuss options, and we can also conduct your trial, if desired, so that you get to experience the quality of our services and professional makeup line.

Reserving Your Wedding Makeup Date

When is your makeup services reservation guaranteed?

As soon as we receive the signed contract and retainer payment we will block off the availability of the selected Professional Makeup Artist and we will confirm your booking.  The Makeup Artist and Hair Stylists (if applicable) is placed on hold for 48 hours after the trial to provide you with time to review the contract and electronically sign it and send it back to us within that time frame.  In the event that we do not receive the contract signed and retainer, we will free up the artist(s) from hold status and we may book her/him on another assignment.

Please note that we will not block availability until both items are received. If either the contract or the payment is missing, we will not consider the reservation booked.

Trial Appointment

What happens during the trial wedding make up run?

We will develop and complete your wedding day look including custom matching professional foundation, contouring and highlighting, eye shadow effects, and selection of all colors that will be used. We will also test the makeup application either on our skin care line or your own, which ever you prefer.

We will test eye lashes and/or airbrush foundation if desired. In addition, we encourage brides to book and have a facial at this time to get the skin ready to glow.

What if you don’t want a makeup trial?

We reserve the right to not book any wedding without a trial, as we believe that it is in your best interest to make sure that you have approved the bridal look in advanced.  If we do proceed without a trail, we will require that you sign a special addendum to the contract.

About The Wedding Makeup

Will you need to use our makeup products?

Yes, unless that you have experienced any type of allergic reaction. You do not need to buy the makeup since we will have your colors in our kits but you may want to purchase them for touch ups during the party and after words. Any item that you want should be ordered at your trial appointment since the Professional Makeup Artist may not have inventory at the wedding other than her kit.

We also offer airbrush makeup by several our certified artists.

Please note that professional makeup is not the same as you may buy over the counter. Formulations and color pigments within professional makeup are designed for superior lasting, and true to color effects under photo lights, etc. If you desire to use your own products due to allergies or skin sensitivity we cannot be responsible for how they will display on photos or how long they will last.

About Wedding Day Hair

Do we offer hair styling services?

Makeup Artist Pro Group has a limited number of artists who do wedding hair styling. They are frequently booked 6-9  months in advanced or more.  When they are booked, we work with many highly skilled hair dressers and can gladly recommend and/or coordinate a top of the line stylist that will be part of our team during trial and wedding appointments.  Please note that we will only book one of our hair stylists when we are also hired for makeup services.  We do not provide hair only.

Day of the Wedding

At what time should the makeup artist(s) arrive on the day of the wedding?

The Professional Makeup Artist should arrive 2 hours before the first set of photography session, if the service is only going to be used by the bride. For up to 3 additional people, we want to be on-location an extra 2 hours before.

If a wedding party has more than five people that will require the service, we will need to schedule an additional Makeup Artist.

Payments & Retainer

When and how is payment expected?

Payment for an initial make up application service or hair styling trial day is due before the appointment.

Upon submitting a contract in order to reserve the wedding day, a retainer will be required for the estimated amount. The retainer can be paid via credit card online at our website or by submitting a scanned payment form or mailing it.

We can offer financing via PayPal, or we can schedule automatic equal payments for the retainer amount to be paid via credit card. Please note that we do not accept checks or cash.

Bridal Party Members

What happens if a wedding party member wants to pay for her own makeup?

Payment can be made online via our website no later than 30 days before the wedding directly by the person. Please note that because we need to plan for time and products we will not accept on-location bookings and we will not include in the person in the wedding services package unless paid either by the bride or pre-paid no later than 30 days before the wedding.


Is gratuity included or expected?

Gratuity is not included or mandatory but greatly appreciated by the Professional Makeup Artist and hair stylist.


Check It Off Your List

How do you get the process started?

Please book online or via phone or email a personal makeover and let us know the area where the wedding will ultimately take place so that we can match you with a professional Makeup Artist that services that area. If you want to request a specific Artist, you may do so as well.

This appointment will be a great, relaxed way for you to get to know the artist and his/her work and communication style.

The Makeup Artist will complete the wedding planning guide and gather all the information needed to plan and estimate your actual costs and options.


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